Navajo Turquoise Ring

About the Navajo Turquoise Ring

The Significance of a Navajo Turquoise Ring

A Navajo turquoise ring makes for a great gift for anyone. It is pretty, has a color that goes along with almost everything, and has a certain level of cultural significance as well. Anyone can wear a Navajo turquoise ring, and it is a welcome gift from anyone. Better yet, a Navajo turquoise ring works well carved or plain, making a Navajo turquoise ring one of the few gems that works well in its simplicity rather than forcing its seller to make it as decorative as possible. This makes a Navajo turquoise ring an ideal gift without requiring much a premise and can be given as a present between friends or lovers.

The Navajo turquoise ring has a long history. Turquoise itself is seen as a bringer of good fortune, a talisman that will bring good luck to its wearer. It can change color, due to dust, cosmetics, or even a trick of the light, however slightly, and this was seen as an omen of impending danger. Wearing a Navajo turquoise ring allows you to see that change easily as the ring is carried in plain view, but this is merely superstition but nonetheless highlights that a Navajo turquoise ring should be seen as the caring gift the Navajo turquoise ring was meant to be.

There are a number of ways to create an imitation Navajo turquoise ring. There are in fact so many ways to fake turquoise that often a gemologist has to be called in; the current “most popular” stone or substance for creating fake turquoise changes every few decades even though it does cycle through some of them, such as ceramics, as well as dyed howlite and magnesite. However, most of these are easily detectable through a basic inspection; a fake Navajo turquoise ring made of plastic o r glass, for example has a wrong translucence while some of the other substances have spiderweb coloring or simply don’t have the same color a Navajo turquoise ring should have. Damaging tests may be called for in some cases, however, to determine the real substance.

A Navajo turquoise ring makes for a great gift. It demonstrates a friendship, and the cementing of that friendship. A Navajo turquoise ring may seem somewhat minor, but friendships are based on more fragile things than a simple ring, and the good fortune that a Navajo turquoise ring represents is always a welcome thing. A Navajo turquoise ring is a simple thing but it can mean so much.

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